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2021 SUmmer CAMP PARENT LETTER •  June 15, 2021
We are looking forward to your camper joining us for their week of camp. It is going to be a wonderful week of fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and great food for both their body and soul. Fortunately, COVID concerns are more in our rear-view mirror then they were last year at this time but we will still have some safety protocols that we will be following to provide the best week of camp possible for your camper. Without going into great detail, here is some insight as to the heath safety protocols that the camp will be following.

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be accessible throughout the campground.

  • All buildings and high traffic areas will be sanitized regularly.

  • Food service protocols will be adjusted to facilitate mealtime safety.

  • Parents can send face masks with your camper for them to have access to if you would like. Wearing them will be entirely the camper's responsibility.

  • There will be NO DRINKING FOUNTAINS AVAILABLE at camp. Every camper must bring along a water bottle that is clearly labeled with their name on it. The camp will have scheduled times when the staff will refill the water bottles.

  • All parents need to complete the “Parent’s Waiver Form.” This form will be a required document for your camper to have signed by you and ready to present to the camp staff when he/she arrives camp. (Please, do not mail or email the form to the camp.) The form can be downloaded at


Arriving at camp:

  • The campground opens at 1:45 PM. Camper’s first event begins at 2:30 PM.

  • Upon arrival, everyone remain in your vehicle until a camp staff person gives you direction.

  • Everyone in the vehicle will be screened by answering a few questions and having their temperature taken. If ANYONE in the vehicle has a fever or symptoms of sickness, the vehicle, with all of its passengers, will need to depart the camp.

  • At the appropriate time, the camp staff person will ask the CAMPER/S to hop out of the vehicle and a counselor will help them carry their gear to the first event.

On to this summer’s theme which is “KINGDOM” taken from Matt. 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” All who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will be called children of God. So, as heirs of God’s kingdom, we are not lost in problems; In Christ, we reign over them. We have answers, and His name is Jesus.


It is going to be a wonderful summer of celebrating who we are in Christ. 1 Peter 2:9 “You are a chosen people, ... God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.



SUmmer Reflection 2020 •  August 28, 2020


"Yet even in the midst of all these things, we triumph over them all, for God has made us to be more than conquerors, and his demonstrated love is our glorious VICTORY over everything!" Romans 8:37 (TPT)


What wonderful encouragement during these unusual times and, what a great verse for this summer’s camp theme of “VICTORY.” Praise the LORD that He led and provided for us to even have camp this summer. Your fervent and continual prayers for your ministry here at Camp Shetek were answered and the Lord poured out his blessings. 


With all of the COVID protocols and logistics, it would be easy to imagine that maybe this summer was frustrating. I want to tell you that it wasn’t. It was a WONDERFUL summer in all regards (except for the campers that we had to turn away because of numbers restrictions). Time after time we witnessed God in the details and we heard so many comments that this was people’s favorite year ever. 


To help as we join together in thanking the Lord, here are a few brief stories from this summer’s camps:


  • Periodically the program staff will announce to the campers that if they want to visit about what has been being discussed in the chapel services, they could meet with the staff on the Chapel terrace during their free time. During our youngest camp one of the 2nd grade boys prayed and asked Jesus to come into his heart. When his grandpa and grandma came to pick him up on the last day of camp, as he hopped in the car, they asked him, “How was camp?” The first thing he said was, “It was GREAT. I made the most important decision of my life this week. I asked Jesus to come into my heart!” We heard later that he also proceeded to tell numerous other people that this summer at camp he made the best decision of his life. He asked Jesus into his heart. 

  • A boy at the camp fire shared about one thing he learned this week at camp.  He said that “God knows everything you're doing whether you like it or not.” 🙂

  • There was a girl camper, in our camp for 4th and 5th graders, that had gone to a different camp last year and she said that she did not have a good experience there. She was glad that a friend was willing to come with her to this camp this year and she hoped this year would be better. Unfortunately, her friend ditched her and never showed up. As she stood there looking disappointed and anxious, the Counselor said, “Why don’t you bunk here by me.” By the end of the week the camper said, “This has been great. I had a wonderful experience.”

  • Each week the campers receive a booklet on the first day of camp. Besides devotionals and other things, there are 44 suggested memory verses. There is a key verse for each day but beyond that there are 39 other verse that are posted that they can, not only hide in their hearts but also get points for their team for memorizing. One week, all of the girls in one of the cabins recited all 44 of the memory versus. They worked together to help each other. The counselor came into the cabin one day and all of the girls, on their own, were sitting in a big circle, helping each other memorize together.

  • A boy in one of the cabins told his counselor “I finally know that I am a Christian."

  • In one of the girls cabins the counselor would ask, after their devotion time, if anyone would like to pray? There were three girls in her cabin that weren’t comfortable with that. The counselor would periodically ask those girls if they wanted to pray but they would politely say no thank you. As the week progressed, all three of them ended up saying that they would like to pray and so they did.

  • A counselor in one of the older camps mentioned that her cabin was saying, “It would be so nice if we could keep on doing cabin devotions when camp is over.” She suggested that they could. They decided that when they went home, they would all download a certain Bible app on their phones and continue a Bible study as a cabin after camp is over.

  • Another counselor shared that one of the girls in her cabin, that has a particularly challenging situation at home, was just able to be a kid for a week and that was so good for her.

  • One camper told her counselor, “I wish I could just write a letter to heaven.” The counselor said, “You can. Just Pray."

  • 9-Square is a popular game at camp. It’s an active game with lots of rotation of campers. During camp #3, it was so sweet that, across the camp ground you could hear kids singing chapel songs as they were playing the game.


I would like to share one other thing. A comment regarding the committed and wonderful staff that you have here at your camp working with your campers. This year, 3 weeks of our youth camps got canceled. We didn’t know until June 17 whether or not we would even be able to have camp at all. In May I sent an email to all of the staff stating that there was a good possibility that we may not be able to have camp this summer and at the very least, we probably wouldn’t be able to pay them what he had originally offered. I encouraged them to feel free to look for other employment if that is how they felt led. 100% of the staff got back to me and said, “I will be there regardless of what happens. You can count on me.” Please say an extra prayer of thanks for our dedicated and amazing staff.


As we go forward: As you can imagine, with all of the restrictions and cancelations, our camper numbers and revenue for this year are down considerably. We had 425 campers this summer which is about 500 fewer than last summer. That translates into about $150,000 less revenue. We also had to cancel several other income generating events like the Annual Meeting, Ladies Camp, CampTastic, Dinner Club, and Girl’s Night Out. Please be in prayer with us as we look forward to seeing God work in these details of providing for the financial needs of your ministry here at Camp Shetek. If you feel led to help support the ministry of the camp, you can make your tax deductible donation HERE or mail a check to Shetek Baptist Camp, PO Box 141, Slayton, MN 56172.



Thank you so much and God bless,

Steve Harms

Camp Director

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