Covid-19 Update • May 24, 2020



Greetings from Camp Shetek! I want to share an update with you about how we perceive this summer’s camp schedule as of today. As you know, with all of the uncertainties, it is hard to give absolute clarity but I will list several points regarding the things that we currently know and the decisions that we have made to date.

  1. The latest news from the Minnesota Governor’s office is not encouraging regarding the possibility of having overnight camps this summer.

  2. Ladies Camp (that was scheduled for Friday evening, June 12) has been rescheduled for Friday evening, August 7.

  3. Regarding our big rental camps that come from the cities in June: One of the camps has canceled this summer, and one is willing to reschedule later in the summer if we can make that happen. To tray and save that rental, we are rescheduling it for the week of July 27–Aug 1.

  4. As a point of information, our camper numbers are being capped at about half of what they were last year in an attempt to accommodate COVID-19 regulations.

  5. We are rescheduling Camp #5 (2nd and 3rd graders). We are combining it with camp #4 (4th and 5th graders) during the week of July 20-24. There will be details to follow on this, but we will do things like: 2nd and 3rd graders will have their own cabins, 4th and 5th graders will have their own cabins, etc.

  6. Sunday, July 26, is our “CampTastic” event for the entire family. 4:30–7:00 pm. This is going to be amazing. We have an unbelievable presentation scheduled for your enjoyment. You will love it if we can have it. Details will come later.

  7. When will we cancel camp if we have to? As of today, we are continuing to plan on having our camps and the “CampTastic” event in July. We feel that just in case some miraculous change of events happens, we are not out anything to wait until June 15 to make the final decision about canceling. That is two weeks prior to the start of Senior High Camp.

  8. On June 15, if we decide we need to cancel any of our overnight youth camps, we will cancel all of them at that time. As has been stated before, full refunds will be available and we will give clarity on that process at that time.

  9. As we have updated information, we will post it on our website at Also, if you have not already done so, you can subscribe to receive our email news updates at our website.


I would like to ask you to join us in prayer for the camp. It has been used as such a vital and effective ministry in this area for 72 years and it seems that it would be such a waste if this year, it basically sits idle. Let’s pray that if it is God’s will, that He would intercede and make it possible that camp could be open this summer. I feel that, as much as any summer ever, a week at camp would meet so many needs for so many young people.



God Bless, 

Steve Harms, Executive Director


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