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CAmp Shetek



WHat campers are saying!

"Camp Shetek is as close as you can get to having Heaven on Earth. Everyone is always welcome and loved!"

- Hannah -

"Shetek is God's home on Earth, where you feel His presence every moment of every day."

- Emma -

"Camp Shetek is my happy place. I get to surround myself with the love of other Christians and celebrate God's love. I get to find myself and have fun!! I miss Camp!"

- Alicia -

"Camp Shetek is the place that has had the biggest impact on my life. It is the place I came to the Lord and grew in Him each year. It is a place that will forever hold a spot in my heart. It is home."

- Nathan -

"Camp Shetek is the thing I look forward to all year long. I've met some of my best friends there and every year it makes me a happier person."

- Katie -

"Camp Shetek is the only place I look forward to all summer!"
- Sam -

"Camp Shetek is holy ground."

- Erica -

"Camp Shetek is awesome because you get to play fun games and learn about God!"
- Grace -

"The place where I committed my life to Christ!"

- Tim -

"Camp is the place where I feel home, and where I feel safe. It's the happy place I imagine myself in, anytime life goes astray."
- Lydia -

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