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Camp Experience

what to expect

Camp Shetek will be the best week of your summer!  Located on Lake Shetek, we offer all the activities and experiences you would expect from a great summer camp.  With exciting activities such as tubing, swimming, laser tag, and extreme night games, you will never run out of fun things to do.  You can also look forward to our famous, gourmet meals that Camp Shetek is known for.  Get ready for an incredible week to meet quality friends and become empowered in your walk with Christ. For even more, download the brochure and follow @CampShetek on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

what to bring

You should bring a Bible, notebook, pencil, warm jacket, bedding, toiletries, two pairs of shoes, camera, flashlight, and modest clothing and swimsuit. Only full- piece swimsuits will be acceptable. You may also want to bring some extra money and the following are some suggested amounts: crafts $10, canteen/store $25, camp shirt $12, camp picture $3, & offering. The camp video is FREE. Camper money will be safe as each camper will deposit ALL of their money into a “Camp Credit Account.” Any unused cash balance at the end of the week will be returned.  For a complete list of what to bring, print PACKING CHECKLIST here.

what not to bring

Electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, computers, iPods, games, etc.), expensive jewelry, toy guns, magazines/comics, illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, vaping supplies, fireworks, & weapons. Note: Cell phones are not allowed during Camp. We fully understand a parent’s desire to stay in contact with his/her child; however, we have found cell phones to be a distraction during camp. Further, cell phones pose liability issues for Camp and camper safety. For these reasons, we require campers to (1) leave their cell phones at home (preferred!), or (2) turn them in at check-in. If you have questions about communicating with your child during camp, please call the Camp office.

Latest on Instagram

Camp Shetek will be the best week of your summer! Below you will find the latest news and happenings at Camp Shetek. For even more, follow @CampShetek on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

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